Foresee for Puzzle History

This foresee was published on April 1st 2013 by Twitter.


We will make one prediction what happens from now on. It is written in Japanese, Chinese and English languages. In the event of any discrepancies between the Japanese original and the translation, the Japanese original takes precedence. We will write about results and effect that we will get, after realizing our idea that we have found.

We are Japaneeese. The idea had found by Japanese, and realized by Japanese. We have found the "PLAY" a whole new on January 18th, 2011. We have named "UMEKICHI" as code name of the "PLAY". UMEKICHI rules are very simple, so easy to understand for a lot of people all over the world.

After the publicationa of UMEKICHI, many piople will like playing with it, especially in Europe and the United States.

We think unfortunately, UMEKICHI would not get popularity in Japan. We tried to think about "In spite of simple rules, why did nobody discovered it until now ?". As you know, there is the famous game that have hero who has red overall and mustache. The game has many stages for playing. If the game has only a few stages, the game will be bored soon.

The same is true UMEKICHI, we need to create a lot of games for UMEKICHI to play. UMEKICHI has very simple rules, though the realizing is very hard. In fact, we have to make the first game, we took several weeks. (* With wisdom and ingenuity, now it is very faster than first time.) We would probably think that even if the person who found UMEKICHI in the past, they could not realize it.


We start to write seven predicts now.

predict 1:
Mainly in Europe and the United States, UMEKICHI will be played in many countries and regions. Probably as long as human beings.
predict 2:
Most people will not believe that UMEKICHI has made by Japanese. When the peoples will see the rules of UMEKICHI, probably they are going to feel so.
predict 3:
Mainly in Europe and the United States, UMEKICHI related books will be published in the world.
predict 4:
The official name of UMEKICHI has already decided. Someday, new items related UMEKICHI will be written to the Wikipedia.
predict 5:
After UMEKICHI publishing, pirated UMEKICHI will come out in some countries and regions.
* We think that they can not make games of UMEKICHI easily, therefore they just use samge games what we had made probably.
predict 6:
UMEKICHI will scale up to several billion dollars per year to develop as business.
predict 7:
Members of UMEKICHI development will get increasing relatives families who we do not know.

Postscript (1)

We have finished the development of UMEKICHI, but now we had already found some "PLAY" more interesting than UMEKICHI. We have named "HAMAGURI" as code name of next "PLAY".

We are developing HAMAGURI now. We think that it will be the scale size business as same as UMEKICHI. Please contact to us after you will see the results of UMEKICHI predictions, if you will feel so interesting about HAMAGURI. Thank you in Japanese as much as possible.