When our original puzzle published on this site, the author of the puzzle is only one person in the world. You understand it easily. As sudoku once were so, when an interesting puzzle is spreading, many puzzle creators make the puzzles. I believe that the fate of the original puzzle is determined by subsequent puzzle writers depending on whether the increase.

In this page, we will introduce the person who created and released the problem of "original puzzle that is published on this site". Unquestioned or recommendation or self-appointed. A media to publish does not matter such as the Internet and publications. The purpose is to give a person who made our original puzzle and spread honor from this site for his achievements.

Criteria to Introduce

  1. A person created problems of our original puzzles that was published on this site, and published the problems through the Internet or publications
  2. A person published the problems of our original puzzle created by us through the Internet or publications with permission given from us


  1. When original puzzle spread to the world scale as sudoku, spreader's introduction to the puzzle will stop, because the member is too much increased
  2. We will determine the time that stop to introduce spreaders on this site


On Sat, 08 Aug 2020 21:36:30 +0900, the spreader has not been found yet.