Kokoroiki (spirit)

We think about "Spirit of Puzzle Creator". Some of persons who felt happy by solving a puzzle, the person will think "I want to make the problem of this puzzle for entertain a lot of people". The persons who take pride themself to have a creative skill is usually at making the problem of the puzzle by own learning technic of the puzzle.

To introduce the puzzle that someone made just like own works, it is an act contrary to the spirit of the puzzle creator. To want to publish the problems of puzzle made by own, and never publish works made by someone without permission, it is the spirit of the puzzle creator.

About Surrender

When we publish original puzzle on first time, the creator of the puzzle is only one person in the world. If other persons want to publish our original puzzles in a publication, smart phone apps or websites, there is two way of the following.

  1. To create by themself
  2. To get problems of our original puzzles from us with permission to use them

There are a lot of people with a pirate spirit in the world. In Sudoku case, some persons had published in their own country by stealing directory from the book of puzzles that have been published in other countries. We assume the original puzzle of our interesting. If it seems will lead to income, some persons will publish in their own country by stealing our works.

Well, the principles of the original puzzle that is published on this site, was discovered by Japanese. In other words, At the time that we published our original puzzles, all the puzzles had created by Japanese.

In future, we think that some persons will copy our original puzzles without permission and will publish them. We name "X" to the persons or groups. We can conclude easily that "X" has no spirit of puzzle creator. In addition, I can assume in the following manner.

"X" surrendered, because "X" can not create out original puzzles by themself.

In other words, we can consider that "X" admitted to be unable to beat the Japanese in the art of creating the puzzle, and waved a pure white flag.

Purpose of This Page

In this page, we will introduce about "X" the publications and regions. It is as requiem for "X" who waved pure white flag against Japanese puzzle creator. We will also create a distribution map surrender of how many in any region in the world.


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