As you know, "number place" is the famous puzzle in a world. It is known as "Sudoku *1". I think that all puzzle mania know sudoku puzzle maybe. Do you know the Japanese who spreaded Sudoku to the world ? The person called "the father of Sudoku" said sentence as following.

The new puzzle which is blockbuster work of world-class like a sudoku will not be created maybe.
(original text in Japanese:) 数独のような世界レベルの大ヒット作品はもう生まれないかもしれません。

The purpose of making this site was a challenge for this foreseeable.

We have some new original puzzles unpublished at December 30, 2013. The project for spreading these puzzles to the world was named "UMEKICHI". When UMEKICHI will be published, it will be proof that the foreseen of the great puzzle's father was imaginary fears.

We keep activity to make this site as a part of the long history of puzzle.

December 30, 2013
Stew Eucen