Puzzle Introduction


This is our original puzzle of using a chess pieces.

How to Play:
  1. Put one of the chess pieces given in empty cells
  2. If there is no other kind of pieces, no piece attack to same kind of pieces each other
  3. When a 8x8 sized board filled all cells, each piece number are as follow:
    Q=8, R=8, B=10, K=10, N=14, P=14
  1. Pawn can not be diagonally adjacent
  2. King can not be neither orthogonally nor diagonally adjacent
  3. Bishop can not repeat on each diagonal line
  4. Rook can not repeat on each row and column
  5. Queen can not repeat on each row, column and diagonal line
  6. kNight is denoted by "N", because "K" is used for King.

Yazhime 8x8

Given Pieces
  • QQQQQ (x5)
  • RRRRRR (x6)
  • BBB (x3)
  • KKK (x3)
  • NNNNNN (x6)
  • PPPPPPP (x7)

Yazhime 5x5

Given Pieces
  • QQQQ (x4)
  • RRRRR (x5)
  • BB (x2)
  • KKK (x3)
  • N (x1)

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